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AppDynamics One Platform

Create better digital experiences, faster with real-time performance monitoring. Up your velocity and keep teams focused on customer needs with our industry-leading business and application performance monitoring solutions. Monitor every critical swipe, tap, and click Our unified suite of application and business performance monitoring solutions ensure that every part of even the most complex, multi-cloud Read more about AppDynamics One Platform[…]

Why I wanted to be a part of Perform IT and what is APM?

What is APM? That’s the question I found myself asking when I saw a job advertisement on one of the top websites for job seekers in Bulgaria. This happened to me just 2 years ago. I had been a software engineer working in the IT industry for more than 10 years. It was a fantastic Read more about Why I wanted to be a part of Perform IT and what is APM?[…]

How can APM improve digital marketing?

Statistics show that the global advertising spend on social media campaigns is growing 20% annually. AppDynamics provide an innovative ways to digital marketers to scale up their campaigns. We often hear digital marketers criticise their IT systems not performing well due to the additional load generated by big budget campaigns. Businesses lose a lot of Read more about How can APM improve digital marketing?[…]

AppDynamics APM

Application Performance Management Let our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitor your apps and give you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management. Our APM solution delivers application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics. See exactly how every component is connected AppDynamics APM automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes your Read more about AppDynamics APM[…]

Agile Workforce

It’s 2019 and workplaces are in the throes of an exciting  revolution when it comes to finding talent. Enabled by the technological revolution and especially social media, contemporary organisations are casting the hiring net far and wide to sustain, renew and grow their workforce. This kind of manpower requires an agile workforce model. The agile Read more about Agile Workforce[…]

AppDynamics EUM

End User Monitoring Create superior experiences by monitoring where customers are connecting with your business the most — across your mobile apps and websites. Create better customer experiences and quickly solve issues by automatically capturing errors, crashes, network requests, pageload details, and other metrics. Plus, End User Monitoring gives you clear understanding of how third Read more about AppDynamics EUM[…]

Perform IT & AppDynamics

Today’s industrial digital disruption is forcing all companies to digitalize and transform their IT services. An essential part of the customer experience and business success ‘revenues’ is directly linked to services provided by modern, innovative and high performing applications. Without the Application Intelligence capability customers risk business damage. AppDynamics and Perform IT are partners in Read more about Perform IT & AppDynamics[…]