Why I wanted to be a part of Perform IT and what is APM?

What is APM? That’s the question I found myself asking when I saw a job advertisement on one of the top websites for job seekers in Bulgaria. This happened to me just 2 years ago. I had been a software engineer working in the IT industry for more than 10 years. It was a fantastic job, very well paid, plus I worked with incredibly smart people on very interesting products. I really enjoyed working with my team and I spent nearly 6 years in that role, but one day I realised that I needed a new challenge. So I saw that job advert “Deliver remote and on-site support for APM monitoring – essential  skills: OS server systems knowledge – Windows and Linux; SQL, Bash, Perl, Python, Powershell”. I was really interested to find out about AMP and who are AppDynamics?

I never came across an APM, but I was honestly amazed. In AppDynamics, I could see the Java application on the flow map, and all the calls being made to the Java application via business transactions. I could even dive into the code and see how long each line of code was taking , as well as the SQL statements being queried from the application. I quickly realised that working with AppDynamics you get back everything you put in.

As an engineer, I live to solve problems. And there’s no better platform for solving tough problems than AppDynamics. The technology behind the platform is amazing. I felt really challenged and in addition AppDynamics has inspired my entrepreneurial spirit, because I have to work with different businesses, solving issues and bringing them to the next level. Building out business cases, in Perform IT we work as a team to show our customers the ROI with AppDynamics.
After a few months in Perform IT, I learned how to give the perfect product demonstration for different audiences like directors and senior IT engineers. The first question that people normally ask is: “Is it reality everything that you just presented”? At this time I really love my job. I love it, because I know that AppDynamics really helps businesses with its capabilities.

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