How can APM improve digital marketing?

Statistics show that the global advertising spend on social media campaigns is growing 20% annually. AppDynamics provide an innovative ways to digital marketers to scale up their campaigns.
We often hear digital marketers criticise their IT systems not performing well due to the additional load generated by big budget campaigns. Businesses lose a lot of money due to application performance problems. Simple issue is when users cannot apply a coupon code during checkout.

AppDynamics tool has been developed to provide real-time monitoring solutions that dynamically track the budget spend on online campaigns, as well as the traffic that each platform brings to the campaign. For example if an e-commerce giant invests a significant sum on online advertisements and their website has a poor infrastructure management, the result will be a massive crash of the system, followed by a massive loss of revenue and even bad brand image. This is a real time-life issue that can be easily solved by application monitoring tool like AppDynamics where we can design a system which will provide us a solutions for monitoring of every online campaigns on digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google. With AppDynamics tool we can review the traffic each channel brings to the campaign.

The Dashboard of AppDynamics gives the digital marketing experts a full overview of their marketing campaigns including the status of the infrastructure, services and traffic. Data is coming from various channel APIs and it shows key metrics of the campaigns, invested funds, revenue and much more.
APM helps IT detect and correct performance issues as soon as possible. Also APM solution will fix or enhance applications, making them more stable and secure. This will reduce overhead monitoring costs and provide a better opportunity for increased conversions.

Darina Danadzhieva

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