AppDynamics APM

Application Performance Management

Let our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitor your apps and give you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management. Our APM solution delivers application mapping, dynamic
baselining, and code-level diagnostics.

See exactly how every component is connected

AppDynamics APM automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes your critical customer journeys through each application service and infrastructure dependency. Teams have a single source of truth to focus on end-to-end performance in the context of the customer experience, instead of monitoring individual services.

Baseline performance. Know Normal.

Through machine learning, we know what normal performance is, so we can alert you when it’s not. AppDynamics APM integrates directly with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira so that you can be immediately alerted and fix problems before customers


Immediate, automated, code-level diagnostics.

Deep diagnostic capabilities enable you to identify root-cause down to the individual line of code. Avoid sifting through log files and save valuable developer time.


Answers in context

Application, infrastructure, and business data are automatically correlated in real time. Our policy engine delivers answers when you need them.

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