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With the IT industry being one of the most progressive spheres to work in, with all the old and new names on the scene and the overall competition, it is more crucial than ever to make the right research and decision to know if the company you wish to join will have the nurturing environment you want and need. Let me explain how for me Perform IT provides a workplace of self-improvement, a feeling of satisfaction and camaraderie:

Working with AppDynamics, an up and coming software, that is growing in popularity, unctions and most importantly – demand, creates the feeling of workplace security. You know the product that you specialize in is growing rapidly, not even close of reaching the peak of its life cycle.

Having offices all around the world has more than only financial upsides. To meet people from Tunisia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Dubai and etc. improves your cultural knowledge, and our culture is what shapes us. Learning to respect the differences and to celebrate diversity is not only a mandatory skill in business, but in life. We have developed a tailor-made 3 months training period, in which our CTO is heavily involved, so that you can start working on projects as prepared as one can be. This along with the company mindset of being part of a team, where every team-member will be happy to help, makes the onboarding period a breeze.

As a part of a dynamic global environment, Perform IT is always looking for ways to improve. And the best ideas come from within, process improvement is a way of life here and every opinion matters. I feel I can take part in this and be a real contributor as both the company and I develop.

Career development is a subject relevant for every company. In Perform IT you could grow vertically, by becoming more and more expert until you reach the senior level, you could move horizontally if you decide to switch things up – thanks to the new positions like mine that are opening up as we grow the business. You might have the option to try sales or training for example. Perform IT provides the opportunities, you just need to reach out and grab them.

Last but not least the personal touch shown from the management to everyone is on a level I personally have not seen before. I have never had the CEO of the company I work for call me after my sick leave, just to ask me am I feeling better. Until now that is. The attention shown to everyone and the concern is what has won me over the most.

With all of the above mentioned and a lot more, Perform IT takes the best of both worlds – the involvement and dedication of the smaller companies and the security and opportunities of the growing ones in the IT sector. This is what keeps us ahead of the curve.

Sounds good doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Nikolay Glaserman

Resource Manager | Perform IT Ltd. 


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