Agile Workforce

It’s 2019 and workplaces are in the throes of an exciting  revolution when it comes to finding talent. Enabled by the technological revolution and especially social media, contemporary organisations are casting the hiring net far and wide to sustain, renew and grow their workforce. This kind of manpower requires an agile workforce model.

The agile workforce model provides a strategic advantage enabling organisations to meet diverse client needs, from cultural compatibility to just in time interventions. The agile organisation is a complex interdependent relationship between people, technology, time and place. In order to become a fully functioning, efficient agile organisation both management and workers need to think differently about how and where work is actually carried out and by whom. All parties need to fully engage in the management of the organisational bank of skills and knowledge  and how they are deployed. This means that the organisational structure itself must be elastic, capable of swift change in response to changing business needs.

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